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Dean's message

Dr. Indu Rihani
Dean (USSS)

The Rayat Bahra University’s School of Social Sciences was established with the mindset of breaking down traditional barriers to create change in society, economies and human well-being. But never has this conviction been more important than today. The 21st century has brought about immense and previously unthinkable social change. Today we are facing new social, economic and health challenges brought about by aging population. Moreover, political, ethical and environmental up-hevals are marked by ever-increasing uncertainty. These tribulations have no boundaries and are not finite to one discipline. That’s why social scientists at the school of social sciences are facing them head on and together.

The school aims to provide socially relevant and quality education in a wide range of interdisciplinary areas of social sciences to a large number of students across all sections of the society. Our able and dedicated staff is committed to ensure that each student achieves his or her full potential. Our pedagogy is participatory and experiential, fostering dialogue and mutual learning and critical reflection. We strive to play a pivotal role in promoting a dynamic intellectual culture by using and applying the latest technology and teaching principles in developing life-long learners.

The programs intend to provide additional perspectives to understand significant issues of the region, nation and the world today. Our endeavor is to mold students who come to us into remarkable young men and women who are leaders in their field they may choose to go into, and who will usher in change for a new & progressive tomorrow. We believe in transforming individuals before they could become agents of social change by fostering global competence, excellent human resource but also an admirable human being.

Our faculty are constantly surging to build connections with computer science, engineering, the arts and the humanities. Our alumni are taking knowledge gained from classrooms to the halls of justice, boardrooms in some of the top companies in the nation, where they are engaged in training our next generation leaders.

I invite you to learn more about us and our involvement in the endless pursuit of social sciences.