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The University School of Social Sciences, established in 2014, was built to respond to the challenging needs of the society. The school is committed to high-quality graduate and post-graduate instruction across the social sciences. Further, it provides a spectrum of choices for learners ranging from traditional courses to the modern information age relevant courses.

Our interdisciplinary faculty areas of expertise include: Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Computer Applications, History, English, Punjabi, Hindi and many more. On post graduate level we offer courses in Psychology, Economics, English, History, Sociology, Political Science and Punjabi.

We pride ourselves by providing students with an opportunity to engage in hands-on educational experiences and apply academic concepts, strategies, and techniques to contemporary, real-world issues. Also, a strong emphasis is being given on inculcating skills in communication, problem solving, team work, self-management and life-long learning by personal care and motivation. Curriculum for graduate and post graduate program has been designed as per the needs of the students according to UGC guidelines. Evaluation is done through credit based continuous evaluation system.


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