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HOD Message

Dr.Gurfateh Singh

The RBU School of Pharmacy is home to top-class faculty, dedicated students and innovative researchers co-habitively working toward improving medications and medication-related health outcomes. Since its inception, our school has made enormous progress in meeting the needs of students and parents, concurrently exploring new frontiers in drug discovery and development, pharmaceutical sciences, and translational clinical research. We have a diverse mix of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty with expertise in different aspects of the pharmacy profession.

At RBU School of pharmacy, we value Innovation, Research, Care, Diversity and our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends like you. We have a set of core values without which our school would be like any other school and we continue to grow and prosper.

Health care is currently an exciting and rapidly changing times, at this juncture, there is a need for continued improvement in health care and this is achieved through research, discovering new medicines, understanding diseases, and creating new models of health care. Our Pharmaceutical School is providing service to maintain relevance and provide the best in the class training environment for students. The school has been established with a vision to impart professional education in pharmaceutical sciences and emerge as a leading center for research on drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Graduates of our School are well positioned in post-doctoral fields as well as advanced degrees in a wide range of professional fields, including basic research, medicine, public health, law, and business.

School regularly arranges student visits to Pharmacy and allied industries and herbal gardens. Students are placed for training into reputed Pharmacy concerns to acquire technical skills in a real-life scenario. This further also enhances their chances of employability. My team of academic and non-teaching staff members takes every care that School produces competent Pharmacy professionals.

We also welcome inquiries and visits by interested prospective students, their parents, alumni, and others who would like to be involved in projects and educational programs of our school. I am confident that our students shall work with passion, perfection, and dedication in their professional workplaces.

I, on behalf of the University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, wish you a very successful career and a happy life ahead. We invite you to get to know us better.