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Mass communication deals with how people and entities scatter information by using mass media to greater faction of population in a time found fashion. In other words, mass communication refers to giving and taking of information to larger group of people. This is usually done by using print media in the form of newspaper, magazine and book, as well as electronically by radio, television, film and internet. However, this differs from simple communication like interpersonal communication and organizational communication as these involves a single source to transmit information to large group of audience. The mass communication content can be persuasive or coercive thereby affecting emotions of people receiving the information.

Rayat Bahra University has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Sidhivinayak Cine Arts, Mumbai. As per the MoU, the university will launch a three-year graduate degree in film making with effect from 2017. The programme will be the first of its kind in northern India and there is huge demand for the programme in this area.


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