Management Studies

Dean's Message

Dr. M.S. Bains
Dean (USL)

Welcome to the University School of Law!! Ours is a unique and engaged community, and I am pleased to introduce you to it.

This is a great time to be coming to law school, especially at the RBU School of Law. As an educational hub, the University School of Law, Rayat-Bahra University, Mohali serves as a host to students from various parts of India and abroad. The school offers high quality legal education at affordable costs. The school realizes the need of the hour for a law student to have expertise in litigation and lawyering skills to bridge the gap between the theory and practice. The aim of the school is to ensure students to have deep penetration into their chosen disciplines and the zeal to serve the society.

The school places a strong emphasis on ‘education and law’. One the one hand, education moulds and inculcates global awareness in the students, enabling them to meet the challenges of the society. Whereas, on the other hand, law acts as an instrument of change, which has a dynamic role   to sub serve the individuals interest and to ensure public welfare. It is for this reason lawyers and law graduates are in high demand and play a crucial of structuring the framework for modern India. Lawyers of varied specialisations are regularly needed for improving and protecting the dignity and decorum of its citizens.

With the above objective in mind, the University School of law, Rayat-Bahra University, Mohali. constantly endeavours to provide justice-oriented, industry based, professional legal education to the students making them socially relevant, technically competent and professionally proficient. This mission is accomplished by dedicated efforts from highly qualified faculty, excellent infrastructure, rich library, academic support programmes, moot competitions etc. In addition, the school has laid down its footsteps by initiating a ‘National Moot Court Competition’ supposed to be held every year. The first such competition was successfully organized on March 2015.

The school is a place where ideas develop. These ideas are regularly challenged and tested in classrooms, hallway conversations, scholarships. A multitude of perspectives bolsters intellectual inquiry of this sort, and therefore students and faculty of diverse backgrounds and experiences are welcomed to be a part of it. The school of law is neither a place where everyone agrees with everyone else, nor a place where everyone speaks with only like-minded peers or professors. But, it’s a place where conversations from different viewpoints gives problem an altered angle and then a solution is derived.

We hope that with this mission, our students and the management of the school will be able to achieve the vision plan envisaged by the school. I take great pleasure in welcoming the students to the new session and wish all success in their future journey.