HOD Message

Ms. Madhuri Aggarwal

Welcome to USHMCT “An Institution that is recognized as a leader in teaching and learning, student relationships and well being. AT USHMCT we create a safe social and physical environment that helps all our students to innovate, learn and create careers. “We encourage our students to realize and develop their potential and put it in the right way. Our approach involves working with parents to meet the individual needs of every student and supporting them to fulfill their academic and co-curricular goals. The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, offering limitless possibilities for career growth within the Institute and with Industry. It also has greater potential in terms of employment opportunities, lifestyle and a bright future on both domestic and international shores. The opportunities abode in hotels, airlines, multinationals, cruise lines, casinos, and customer care banking sectors, convention centers, event organizer, vacation ownership enterprises, consulting, investment, asset management, marketing, and others. In a world that rewards perseverance, resilience, initiative, problem solving and cooperation, our students graduate well prepared to face the industry and to trail blaze in the footsteps of thousands of students who have gone before them. Our students remain at the core of the education system. The ambiance provided by the university is like an extended family where relationships are nurtured and individual students are guided to develop to their highest potential, secure their future and aspire for the highest goal.