Dr. Ajay Goel 
Dean Academic Affair

“The Expert in Anything Was Once A Beginner”…………
Give a Head Start to Your Future at Rayat-Bahra University

Over a period of time as an academician, and also as a proud member of this esteemed organization; I have come to appreciate more and more the distinctive character of this institution and the inestimable value that Rayat- Bahra University (RBU) offers.
RBU provides an academically excellent flexible choice based curriculum; an education that teaches one the ability to think, approach any subject with confidence, discernment, and a sense of perspective for what is central and what is peripheral to a discipline; to build on that foundation to impart the skills to communicate the knowledge effectively and persuasively.

We have effectively implemented outcome-based education throughout and are always impetus for upgrading and adopting the best academic practices with a single objective of delivering the highest level of satisfaction to our stakeholders. Keeping in mind the rapidly evolving world, we at RBU make sure to design and deliver quality programs that enhance subject area knowledge, industry-specific expertise and encourage personal transformation and to enable and facilitate a truly exciting, stimulating life-long learning environment. We strive to provide experiential education by combining creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and management learning.
When we claim that we are academically excellent, mean that our faculty and staff are first-rate at what they do, and they hold students to the same standard. We have worked hard to form industry, government and community partnerships that strengthen academic and field based learning. At the beginning of the first year, we invite students to take part in an academic orientation session; each student meets with a faculty advisor to discuss how to plan for academic success and to keep them accountable throughout their studies. In short, students are encouraged to develop the habits necessary for academic success—commitment, perseverance, a solid work ethic, and the practice of keeping the end goal in mind.
Whether you are a student, a parent, or a guest, I hope that you will come to experience the riches of our academic offerings for yourself, and see that our academic programs are both academically excellent and relevant with the requirements of the industry in general and for the society as a whole. Our faith and commitment give shape and direction to our attempts and efforts and an assurance in achieving individual goals and value satisfaction.
Above all, enjoy the campus experience and classroom challenges while building friendships of a lifetime and nurturing a community that will always be there as you emerge and evolve to be a global professional, leader and citizen. Your sincere efforts would be required to recognize many great opportunities for education innovations, efforts to engage so that you can learn from faculty, peers, alumni and industry partners. This can be achieved only and only when you would take on the responsibility of fully engaging yourself in the learning process, while investing all efforts to be a critical and creative thinker and leader.
I look forward to working with you all – Welcome to Rayat- Bahra University