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Pre And Post Arrival Guidelines

Travel Guidelines For International Students

Pre Arrival Guidelines

While departing from your country ensure the following things.


Important Information

Reporting Date:

Medical Insurance:

Climatic Conditions Of Tri-City

You will experience all 4 seasons here in India. Temperature of Mohali/Chandigarh during summer (May-June-July) ranges between 30 degree centigrade to 44 degree centigrade and during winters (November- December-January) 2 degree centigrade to 20 degree centigrade, so it is advised to pack your bag accordingly. During remaining Months it’s usually pleasant (ie: during Autumn and Spring seasons).

RBU Campus Rules & Regulations

Dress Code


On arriving at Rayat Bahra University Campus, you shall report initially at International Admission Department (Admission Cell) and undergo University admission verification Process.
You are requested to present the following documents for your smooth and successful registration with University: 

Due Tuition And Hostel Fee

Tuition fee (including Hostel fee) has to be fully paid at the time of registration with the university. Any delay in clearing the payment due to any reason will result in holding your Student Registration until the Fee due is clear.
Bank details  

Medical Health Test

All International students coming to India for studies needs to go through a medical test, Covid-19 & HIV, Yellow fever and must submit the test report at Rayat Bahra University, Admission Cell. 

Registration With FRRO

All International students who have come to study in India need to get themselves registered at The Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival in India (not applicable in the case of Bhutanese and Nepalese students). The University’s International Office helps and guides the students with the bonafide letter.


Academic Records

    Documents Required

    How to Receive Documents

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