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Ph.D Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ph.D Pharmaceutical Sciences


Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences:

The Ph.D. program in pharmaceutical sciences offers research-based programs in both regular and part-time format. The university provides a background in a variety of scientific disciplines essential in the preparation of the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists. The school of pharmaceutical sciences at Rayat-Bahra university provides a program that meets a student’s career interests and goals. The faculty members are intellectuals in their specialization and have been recognized for their teaching excellence, outstanding research and professional activities.

The university and school of pharmaceutical sciences have defined responsibilities towards their graduate programs and graduate students. The university seeks to provide a conducive environment favorable for research, so that graduate students can develop their creative potential for independent research. This environment is also composed of stimulating and co-operative faculty, research facilities, scholarship and library resources.

The selection and screening process of students in the Ph.D. program is a serious responsibility and therefore extremely competitive. The mission of the school of pharmaceutical sciences is to recruit and train those outstanding students who possess high motivation and dedication to achieve excellence in research. Graduates from this program can look forward to seeking employment either in industry or academia or may go for post-doctoral fellowships in both India and abroad.

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