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Ph.D Management

Ph.D Management

Ph D Management

The Ph D Management program under University School of Management Studies transforms young researchers into innovative thinkers and problem solvers in core management disciplines.The degree is designed for those seeking academic research and teaching careers as faculty or professors in the study of management at business schools worldwide. The program involves working with faculty members already engaged in cutting-edge research on current business needs. This closely knit association will definitely hone your research skills and bring out the brightest potentials in you, essential for current business requirement. This program enables scholars to initiate research in priority and gap areas of knowledge, thereby filling the existing vacuum in the theory and practice of management

The program calls for only small size as it’s useful for necessary interaction with the faculty. As a USMS student, you will work in close contact with the faculty on research projects and scholarly papers. In addition, program encourages students to take an interdisciplinary approach to research if desired.

Challenging, comprehensive and global in scope, the USMS fulfills its commitment of providing state of the art facility and prepares you for faculty positions at leading universities across the world. Rayat Bahra University which is among the top university in Punjab enables every student to follow its dream and never give up.

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