Payment Procedure

All international/Foreign nationals/NRI students are requested to deposit/remit their fees in US Dollars only as per the bank details mentioned below:

Except: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Through Bank Transfer SWIFT/RTGS/NEFT/WIRE

Currency in which payment can be made: – USD (United States Dollar)

Minimum provisional registration fee to be paid for:

  • Tuition: 500 USD
  • Residential: 500 USD


From: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, SriLanka

Pay through Bank Draft/Money Order

Currency in which payment can be made: – INR (Indian Rupee)

Minimum provisional registration fee to be paid for:

  • Tuition: 2000 INR
  • Residential: 2000 INR

An equivalent amount in USD can also be submitted.

Important Note

  • The amount paid towards provisional registration (tuition fee) will be applied towards admission processing fee and first semester tuition fee. The provision registration fee for residential facility will also be adjusted towards the first year residential facility charges.
  • Any other processing fees/charges levied at the time of bank transfer shall solely be borne by the student and university would not be accountable for the same. On receiving applicable registration fees, the same shall be updated in your individual university fee account.
  • Please ensure that while remitting the amount you mention all requisite details such as your name, registration number/offer letter number, currency and country to university bank account. If these details are not mentioned it may result in loss of attendance, fines and extra cost, which shall only be borne by student. In addition, student must also make sure that the payment transfer receipt should be submitted to university’s account department on time.
  • Once the applicable fees are received the same shall be updated in your online student portal. It is advised to check this portal timely. If you are unable to see the payment updates after 24hrs of transaction, then please call the university’s board line number and ask for transfer to accounts department.
  • In case of any query on fee transfer and/or complete fees to be paid please contact the admission office of the university at