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B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology

B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology


B.Sc Medical Lab Technology

Medical Laboratory Technologists deal with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through routine clinical laboratory tests. They are vital members of healthcare team and are dedicated to patient’s health, in spite of spending less time with patient as compared to doctors and nurses. Further, they play a critical role in collecting information required for providing best care to ill or injured patient. Apart from conducting routine laboratory investigations, medical laboratory technologists prepare tissue samples for microscopic examinations, perform equipment validation, calibrations and statistical analysis of observed data as well as record normal operations.

B.Sc Medical Lab Technology is of three-year duration and involves clinical rotation in final year of study. Clinical rotation provides valuable experience to students giving hands on learning in each discipline of the laboratory and under close supervision of guided faculty. The course is interdisciplinary and students can opt for subjects from other fields besides traditional subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Cytology and Tissue Culture. B Sc Medical Lab Technology is an undergraduate medical lab technologist course. Medical Lab Technology also called Clinical Laboratory Science. The course teaches students to perform tests that aid in diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as handling, standardisation, management of advanced lab equipment’s and laboratories. The course is currently offered at both diploma and degree levels. Depending on the need of the students, they can choose either modes of the program, however requirements varies for both the levels.

Graduates from B.Sc Medical Lab Technology can find employment in various acute care and critical care hospitals, community health centres and private laboratories.

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