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M.Sc (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

M.Sc (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)


Pharmaceutical Industry is growing at a tremendous pace with opening of new horizons providing ample opportunities to the skilled professionals for the development and analysis of new drugs. Pharmaceutical Chemistry program incorporates the core disciplines of organic chemistry, biological chemistry, and pharmacology. It is is aimed to provide enhanced technical skills in design, synthesis and development of pharmaceuticals. Students will not only gain an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and experimental aspects of the field but also will be able to enhance their analytical and research skills along with simultaneous development of interpersonal skills, time management and organizational skills. The program intends to form a good base for research and further higher studies as well as strives to meet the requirements of Pharmaceutical Industries by providing in depth knowledge of the respective field of specialization. The location of University near the hub of pharmaceutical companies is a boon to provide required training and ample job opportunities to the students.

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