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M.Sc. (Mathematics)

M.Sc. (Mathematics)


M.Sc. Mathematics – Rayat Bahra University

Mathematics is at the root of many social, technical, medical, and environmental issues faced by society today. The USS mathematical department equips its students with deep understanding of math principles, a toolbox for applying those skills to real-world problems, and the ability to express complex ideas in a way that laypeople can understand.

The Mathematical department provides a solid collegiate math education to every USS student but continues its offerings to include high-level specializations such as statistical forecasting, digital encryption, and mathematical modeling.

The Department of Mathematics carries out research & teaching in all areas of pure and applied mathematics such as Algebra, Topology, Nonlinear Systems, Fluid Dynamics, Functional Theory etc. The department is committed to impart high quality education in mathematics under M Sc Mathematics program at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

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