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Education, perhaps more than any other discipline is global in its nature, scope and impact. With the advent of globalization and different countries coming together to promote global citizen, conventional boundaries of the past have been erased. There are no boundaries to the pursuit of knowledge at RBU.

RBU presents an opportunity to experience the global education. The University sponsors advanced learning for interested students, through its links with foreign universities – helping them experience an international education and a different culture – thereby raising their caliber to be at par with the best in the world. This exposure would help them to learn a variety of things. Our students excel in academics both in and out of the campus. Students of RBU who avail this opportunity will acquire an enriched experience.

Going Abroad

Under the Semester Abroad Program the students are allowed to take-up a few courses and /or a Major project in reputed foreign universities for ONE semester. The credits earned in the foreign university through the semester exchange program will be translated into RBU credits, by an approved conversion procedure, and taken for consideration for the award of the degree by Rayat Bahra University. After the study period at a foreign university the students return to RBU to continue with the degree program for which they were enrolled, and after fulfilling all the necessary conditions laid out in the regulations of RBU, the student will become eligible for the award of the degree.

Duration of the program : 6 Months

Global Alliances

There are no boundaries to the pursuit of knowledge at RBU. Through strategic alliances and links with foreign universities, the standard of education at RBU is currently at par with the best in the world.

Academic Partners

Pepperdine University


Clemson University


Ural Federal University,


Arkansas State University


International Internship Partners

PAX Edutainment Pvt. Ltd


Red Ford

EduBrain Overseas

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