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Our joint delivery degree program is for the students who aspire to study in renowned Canadian Colleges & Universities. Rayat-Bahra University (RBU) has entered into a partnership arrangement with Eton College, Vancouver, Canada to offer courses where the students can spend two years at Eton College India campus at RBU and two years at any of the 5 Canadian institutions.

Eton College’s Pathway Partners:

Eton College Campus At Rayat-Bahra Offers Following Courses:

If the Hospitality Industry fascinates you, Hospitality Management can be the right course for you! At Eton College Campus Rayat-Bahra University you can pursue the Hotel Management as per Canadian standards that promise better future prospects.

Business Administration in Travel and Tourism Management offers a great understanding of various aspects of business & commerce with the tourism industry at the focus. This degree covers cross-cultural and social competence and also the most sought out leadership competence.

Key Features

Alternative process for English Proficiency Requirement is available.

The work experience will help you to qualify for permanent residency in this diverse country.

The courses provided by Eton College in India will strictly be monitored by quality staff of Eton College Vancouver.

The Two year Pathway program in India is strictly designed to improve Language Proficiency Skills of Indian students.

After graduating from a degree program from Eton College’s pathway Partners University or college, you will be able to apply for a 3 years Post Graduate Work Permit.

The two-year study program at Eton College Campus Rayat- Bahra University is in accordance with Canadian Education Style, thus helping in shaping mind-set with foreign universities method of delivery.

Eligibility Criteria

Registration Fees: 1,000 INR.

Academic Records

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