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Electronics And Communication Engineering

Electronics And Communication Engineering

Electronics And Communication Engineering

(specialization in VLSI Design, Embedded Systems)

M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering are fundamental to many electrical and electronic appliances which we use today. This makes the job of an electronics engineer both exciting and challenging. The primary duty of the department is to produce electronics and communication engineers having strong theoretical foundation, good blueprint experience and exposure to research and development and to impart quality education, training and research at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in various areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering with priority on design aspects of electronic systems. It has the ability to embrace professional and ethical attitude/effective communication skills, team skills, multidisciplinary approach to resolve problems and inform, educate and persuade diversified audiences.

Apart from M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering, the University School of Engineering and Technology offers a variety of courses in Engineering which makes the RayatBahra University (RBU) a hub of quality education. There are numerous study programs offered by the University.

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