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Diploma In Culinary Arts

Diploma In Culinary Arts


The program is intended for students interested in styles of cooking and designed to equip them with fundamental skills in culinary arts, strong product knowledge and knack in performing and organizing food production. Besides, traditional food style, larger prominence is placed on food quality and meeting customer expectations. In addition, students are trained with technical skills in setting up kitchen, cooking of hot pastry, baking, butchery and garde manager.

At the end of the program students can expect to be well versed in catering and special event cooking, field to fork experience, regional and traditional foods, modern and contemporary cuisines, global cuisines as well as wines and beverages. On completing of the program, students can opt for further studies like B.Sc. (Culinology), Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons) or gain advanced standing in the area of culinary arts and food service management.

Graduates from the program can find themselves employed with leading chain of restaurants, catering, institutional settings, private clubs, resorts or setting up own restaurant.

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