Dean Student Welfare

Dr. Neena Mehta
Rayat Bahra University,
Mohali, Punjab

The report of Radhakrishnan made an important recommendation as early as in 1948 for the appointment of Dean Students Welfare for coordinating student services in all Indian Universities. Subsequently, the Education Commission in 1960 also recommended that Universities should appoint Dean Students Welfare and accordingly University Grants Commission desired from all Universities to establish an office of Dean Students Welfare in their University.

It has long been recognized that education should contribute to social and economic development while bringing out treasure within the student. In other words, education systems should aim at the development of a holistic personality of the student by fostering a deeper and more harmonious form of human development to include values like respect for tradition, loyalty to culture and ideals of service.

Objective: In light of the above, the office of the Dean Student Welfare provides ample scope, opportunities, and facilities for the all-round development of personality and leadership qualities among the students. Students participate effectively in the management of hostels, food services, games & sports, cultural and literary activities, professional societies in each School under the guidance of faculty coordinator.

In fact, the office of Dean Students Welfare functions as a nodal center to promote cooperation and fellowship among students on campus. It is actively involved in coordinating activities for the welfare of students. Taking into account their difficulties and socio-economic diversities against cultural relativism, it provides the facilities to articulate their creativity and aspirations. It aims at social harmony and campus peace. The students are encouraged to give expression to their talents to enrich our social fabric and improve campus life besides pursuing their academic targets. This aims at shaping students into social assets, making them complete citizens alongside their academic accomplishments.

Hostels:He makes arrangements for the residence, messing, transport, supervision and discipline of students residing in the University Hostels. In addition to above, he performs such other duties and functions as may be assigned to him by the Vice Chancellor from time to time.

Extra Curricular Activities:Youth programs are regularly organized with pervasive goodwill and cheer to project existential urges of our students. These also promote competition in cultural fields. There are inter-university cultural activities that are organized and supported by this office. These attract highly talented and acclaimed participants besides appreciative audiences. This office also organizes debates, symposia and quiz competitions on current issues in which students of all shades participate. This office also coordinates with the Department of Sports of the University and organizes youth programs and other activities conducive to the promotion of health of our students. So as to encourage them to participate in such activities, Sports and cultural scholarships are also awarded every year.