Dean R & D Message

Dr. S K Mittal 
Dean Research & Development

Over the years, the Rayat-Bahra group of Institutions has grown into an outstanding academic establishment in our country covering varied areas of academic interest and attracting an equally diverse faculty & student manpower. Research is a precursor to discovery & innovation. Rayat-Bahra group recognizing the importance of Research has initiated rigorous Research and Development activities on campus. We have envisioned becoming a well-known name in research and development activities.

Our immediate goal is to encourage excellence in research and publication activities at the Department level as well as the University level. We are self-motivated to publish quality research results in National and International Journals and conferences. For the encouragement of the learning process among the faculties and students, we organize seminars, workshops, and national and International conferences. We invite well- known professionals from academia and Industry to share their knowledge and experience with our faculty and students. The R&D unit is also getting inputs from Industries and funding agencies.

I, as a Dean of Research & Development unit, invite all the students joining the University at graduate, Post Graduate & Doctorate level to make use of facilities and resources being offered by the University to nurture their talent and contribute their ideas for the growth of R&D culture.

Dr S.K Mittal
Dean Research & Development