Centre For Red Cross Studies

About Us

Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) is actively involved in disaster relief, disaster preparedness and health care in the community.

India is one of the most disaster-prone countries and it has witnessed several disasters. In addition to promoting humanitarian principles and values, the Red Cross has been prompted to devote more attention to disaster preparedness activities. There is an acute shortage of trained manpower in this field. The IRCS has taken up the major task of training a cadre of qualified trainers in this important sphere of specialty who would be academically and practically trained. RBU, Mohali has collaborated with IRCS in introducing a one year part-time (weekend) course on Disaster Preparedness and Rehabilitation.


  • To provide experienced practitioners in the appropriate field.
  • To enhance career opportunities while in service, through a period of academic study without disrupting the service.
  • To provide opportunities for professionals to obtain a specialized qualification that has recognition from a global perspective.
  • To provide capacity building for national, state or institutional level in disaster preparedness and rehabilitation.
  • To provide a platform for professionals to build up capacity for training for trainers.
  • To develop liaison with Government, NGO, Corporate Sector and International Agencies for synergies in disaster mitigation, preparedness, and rehabilitation.


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