Career Center

The RBU Career Center is dedicated to support students’ needs at all stages of the process, whether students’ are still making decisions about students’ future direction, looking for hands-on experiences, or are ready for the next steps that will prepare students’ to live out students’ career goals.
A NASSCOM report found that only twenty five per cent of total Engineering graduates in the country were employable. In case of other graduates only fifteen per cent of total graduates in the country are employable. This observation was made on the basis of technical skills, communicative skills, teamwork and presentation skills
Career Center has been facilitating student’s interaction with industry through its training workshops, job fairs, internships and hackathons in solving the employability problem. Collaboration between academia and industry offers advantages to both entities and a means by which academic institutions and industry can address global challenges to mutual benefit and social well-being. Together, we can contribute to the creation of coherent long-term strategies and economic structures for a more sustainable workforce.

“Our mission is to enhance the employability of the youth and act as a bridge between academia and corporate.”