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Bachelor Of Physiotherapy (BPT)

Bachelor Of Physiotherapy (BPT)


Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPT

Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPT. Physiotherapists are trained professionals working in health care. They are trained to restore mobility, alleviate pain and suffering and work to prevent permanent disability in patients. Mechanisation and sedentary life style is the cause of many health related problems and injuries. People often encounter musculo-skeletal problems including backache, stiff shoulders, osteoarthritis, neck pain, etc. To alleviate pain, physiotherapists play an immense role in rehabilitation and thereby improving patient outcome. Therefore, physiotherapists maximise mobility and advance quality of life thereby adding life to years.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPT provides a rich breadth of educational experience along with essentials required for healthcare in the country. The course incorporates problem based approach enabling students in identifying, discussing and analysing the patient case from an individualistic perspective. The learning curve of the course is further enhanced by undergoing a mandatory rotating internship program where students can put in practice what they have learnt from the course on patient under the guidance and supervision of competent teachers. The program also aims to meet the international standards and is therefore being taught by experienced and qualified faculty.

Besides dedicated faculty, the school provides optimum infrastructure and is equipped with modern and advanced Electrotherapeutic and Exercise therapeutic equipment’s. In addition, there is also an Electrophysiology and Exercise physiology laboratory for Electro Diagnosis and Fitness program respectively.

Students graduating from Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPT programme usually start from hospitals by gaining experience in different specialities on rotational basis. There are ample of job opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, private health centres and clinics, Community health care centre. Moreover, after gaining experience an individual can open their own health centre.

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