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B.Tech Computer Science Engineering

B.Tech Computer Science Engineering


B. Tech Computer Science Engineering: Today, Computers have changed the very texture of life. The phenomenal technological advancements made in the field of computer science are really mind-boggling. We are heading towards an era of self-driven cars, unmanned airplanes, the robot managed business centers. The day is not far when the computers will read and translate the thoughts of a human being. Computers have touched every sphere of life. The emergence of new technologies like multi-core processor, mobile computing and cloud computing is redefining the boundaries of computing. The interdisciplinary approach has brought with it new challenges. Good technical know-how and skills are in demand by employers across the world. The strong, well equipped Computer Science Department of RayatBahra University is its forte.

The faculty of the B. Tech Computer Science Engineering Department is highly experienced and research oriented. The students under the guidance of teachers undertake various projects to explore new horizons of knowledge. Various projects under the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India are being undertaken at the department.

RayatBahra Group has signed MOUs with giants like Google, IBM & Microsoft in the field of computer science which in turn helps students to have an edge over the others as they are exposed to the latest technology. The emphasis on learning by doing equip students with skills that are the passport to success in a highly competitive era.

B. Tech Computer Science Engineering Department shoulders social responsibility too. Computer literacy is spread in rural areas by the faculty. The rural children who do not have access to computers are welcomed and taught computers in the Computer Center of the University.

“Glory is not in how high you jump over the others but in how often you stop to help people you meet on the journey, called life”.

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