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B.A-B.Ed program is an undergraduate integrated degree program aimed at improving the quality of teaching education. The course employs use of various tools and techniques combined with orientation on general education. The objective of the program is to create a skilled and versatile teachers striking a balance between theory and practice.

By pursing this program, students can earn two degrees concurrently. Also, students have an option of pursuing either BA or B.Sc. track, the coursework for which can be chosen accordingly. The design of the curriculum incorporates the use of latest trends and researches occurring in both the fields, which is delivered by an integrated mode. Not only are students exposed to best of both the curriculum, they are also encouraged to apply their own creativity and analytical reasoning in solving of critical issues.

National Curriculum Framework 2009, Curriculum Framework by NCTE forms and UGC guidelines for designing curricula for Choice Based Credit System of Higher Education forms the basis of the design of the program.

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