About RBU

The RBU is accessible from tricity and is established under Punjab act no. 16 of 2014 vide notification no. 17-leg/2014 dated 13th August 2014 and notified by UGC under section 22 of the UGC act 1956, is empowered to award degree vide letter No. 8-23/2014 (CPP-I/PU Dated 26th Sept 2014 by University Grant Commission (UGC).

The university offers a choice based flexible learning system, enabling an interdisciplinary approach for learners to learn at their own pace and choose electives from other available courses as well as take up some additional/value-added courses to increase their skill/employability. In addition, the university offers several bridge courses that serve as a preparatory tool to narrow the gap required for graduate studies. For a student to change program, undergoing bridge courses strengthen or refresh some core required for success in an academic degree program. These bridge courses also serve in meeting necessary prerequisites and get basic knowledge for the selected stream. Besides courses, the university provides a facility of viewing results digitally, thereby reducing the load of administrative staff and have easy accessibility. Digital results also students in deciding to repeat their tests if they intend to.

Just out of the city din in the serene environs and well within the reach of the facilities of the city stands the thriving campus of Rayat Bahra University (RBU). The institution has emerged to a position of pre-eminence in the region as well as in the country due to its high academic standards and well-entrenched research and development area. The university has engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, dentistry, management, and law schools of excellence.

Every hundred of students are hired by the blue-chip companies, multi-nationals and domestic majors from on campus and off campus recruitments. Similarly, scores of our research scholars present their papers in conferences in India and abroad. They also contribute to research journals of high impact factors. Engineers take pride in presenting their innovation like Moon Buggy in the US. The university has set an example of multiculturalism with students belonging to various nationalities and cultures studying here.