Tips & Tricks To Stay Productive During COVID-19 Pandemic

The extended COVID 19 lockdown has derailed the country’s education sector drastically. Universities and colleges have been shut down since the last few weeks without any clear symptom of their resume lecturing. Thus, many students are anxious about their academic growth and year. Where the pursuing students are worried about their academics and contemplating their future in their respective fields, the students who were likely to take admission in this academic year are now putting themselves into reconsideration whether they will be able to get into their favorite college or not. Considering all these prolonged situations, the universities and colleges now have come up with an online study platform to cope with this time of crisis. Yes, almost every institution, be it private or public, has now implemented virtual classing and is providing every sort of digital academic assistance to their students to make them engage in productive activities. This will not only help out the students who are in great panic but will also eliminate the future rush to cover up the yearly syllabus once the college will start. This write-up is describing all those Tips & Tricks to Stay Productive during COVID-19 pandemic with online education opportunities.